Congress Has Better Options than Passenger Facility Charge

To reiterate our words from earlier this Spring (when the House of Representatives last held hearings on airport finance), if Congress is willing to consider such a drastic expansion of the PFC, it can certainly consider better solutions that serve taxpayers and the entire commercial aviation sector more efficiently. Maybe, just maybe, we have arrived

New York State Earmarks $200 Million for Airport Development, Holds Project Competition to Disperse Funds

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has put the state’s money where its airports are. Recognizing and emphasizing the importance of air transportation to general economic prosperity, the governor launched the $200 million Upstate Airport Economic Development and Revitalization Competition in 2016. The state allocated up to $190 million for the competition and another $10

Airports Want to Raise Fees Again

There’s a new fight over passenger charges in the airline world. Airlines for America (A4A) is making it clear that it feels the public should reject any increase in the Passengers Facility Charge (PFC). This charge is essentially an airport tax. Unfortunately, airport executives are pushing for increases that will make travel more expensive for

Construction of $4.5-Million Airport Terminal Underway

Last month WGNS reported on the demoltion of the old Murfreesboro Airport. On Tuesday (5/7/2019) Airport Manager Chad Gehrke told the Murfreesboro Rotary Club that construction of the new terminal is underway. The old facility was 4,000 square feet, and the new one is 15,200 square feet–almost 4-times larger. Gehrke was proud that the new

What To Expect From the Buffalo Airport’s $80 Million Enhancement Project

If you head to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, you will notice some construction. Work on an $80 million airport expansion is underway. Some of the improvements include the building of two new exiting concourses to ease congestion at the security checkpoint. The baggage claim area will also be 50 percent bigger, and includes the

Passenger Facility Charge Debate: More Voices Must be Heard

For the last half-century, NTU has fought—and successfully resisted—efforts to increase government-imposed burdens on job creators, taxpayers, and consumers. NTU takes particular pride in defending consumers, especially travelling taxpayers who continue to be burdened with expensive taxes and fees. It’s estimated that for air travel, government-mandated taxes and fees can account for more than one-fifth

Airports are flush. Why tax passengers even more?

Texas’ airport executives want travelers to pay more to fly. They’re lobbying Congress to raise taxes on airline tickets and dedicate that revenue to airport infrastructure projects. Airports already have plenty of funding for infrastructure upgrades. Hiking ticket taxes would needlessly enrich airport operators at the expense of travelers. The members of Texas’s congressional delegation

New airfare tax would crash Florida’s travel industry

Southwest Florida International Airport just announced a $170 million expansion to accommodate its rapidly rising passenger volume. Tampa International Airport just tore down a parking garage as part of its $2.6 billion, three-part renovation plan. In New York, LaGuardia just opened a huge, new 18-gate concourse. Austin Bergstrom International unveiled an in-terminal live music performance