Federal PFC hike would hurt Sioux Gateway Airport

Passengers departing Sioux Gateway Airport, and all airports, pay a passenger facility charge (or PFC). You pay this to every airport you depart from, and the fees go to help offset local costs. Congress is currently considering increasing, possibly doubling, these fees. The potential for Congress to double these fees would be a negative for

Congress Should Not Add to the Cost of Flying

Americans may not be aware, though, that the trips they take by air could become more expensive if Congress moves forward with a plan to ask airline passengers to pay more for their flights. Airports are not in a funding crisis. They have billions in cash reserves, and they are already making massive capital improvements

As Texas airport fixes old concrete, FedEx moves to expand

FedEx will renovate and expand its package sorting facility at Valley International Airport beginning in March. In September, Valley International Airport received $1.6 million in airport improvement grants to acquire aircraft rescue and firefighting safety equipment and to rehabilitate its terminal building.

$3B plan to replace San Diego airport’s aging Terminal 1 reaches major milestone

San Diego International Airport’s 1960’s-era Terminal 1 will be replaced with a 30-gate facility more than triple the current size under a $3 billion redevelopment plan approved Thursday by the airport’s governing board. The airlines and the fees they pay for renting terminal space, plus revenues from parking, concessions and passenger facility charges, will pay

Do We Need a Passenger Facility Charge?

By Shih-Hsien Chuang In recent years, the executives who run the nation’s airports have argued that the country faces a dire need to rebuild its aging and heavily used airports to ensure safe, comfortable, and timely air travel for millions of passengers. The urgent picture they paint is at the heart of an intense lobbying