There’s a hidden tax on your airline tickets, and airports want to raise it even higher.


See how airports are improving the passenger experience without increasing the PFC.

New Taxes On Air Travel Just Won't Fly

Since 2008, there has been
invested in airport improvement projects across the country.

Source: A4A analysis of FAA Form 127 airport database.

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Passengers shouldn’t be left holding the bag for a tax hike that airports don’t need. Tell Congress new taxes on air travel won’t fly. #StopAirTaxNow

$6.1 MILLION: That’s how much Hutchinson County Airport and Perry Lefors Field in Texas were awarded in federal grants! With airport modernization thriving, there is NO need to raise the PFC. #StopAirTaxNow

17 Montana airports are set to receive $26.5M in new federal grants. It’s clear that airports have plenty of cash - there’s no need to raise taxes on travelers. #StopAirTaxNow

💸$31.7 MILLION💸: That’s how much Reno-Tahoe International Airport has received from the DOT to rebuild its runway and taxiway. A tax hike on passengers is simply unnecessary. #StopAirTaxNow

Lawrence Municipal Airport has received $3.6M to refurbish its main runway. That’s part of $14 MILLION worth of new grants for Kansas airports - all done WITHOUT a PFC increase. #StopAirTaxNow

#LAX recently received $13.7 MILLION to fund part of its planned Secured Area Access Post project. There’s NO need to tax passengers more. #StopAirTaxNow

Aloha, airport grants! 🍍 Kona International Airport has been awarded more than $3.7 million in federal funding for safety improvements. With airport modernization thriving, there’s no need to raise the PFC. #StopAirTaxNow

Virginia Highlands Airport will receive a $4.85M federal grant for a new phase of an ongoing runway extension project. Airports have enough cash without needing to tax passengers more! #StopAirTaxNow

#DYK: Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma is about halfway through its nearly $90M terminal expansion project – funded largely through the current PFC. #StopAirTaxNow

Some in Washington want to raise taxes on air travel, meaning more costs for passengers like you. Tell them that simply won’t fly: #StopAirTaxNow

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport will receive a $15M federal grant to construct a taxiway. Airport improvement projects are thriving WITHOUT raising the PFC. #StopAirTaxNow

U.S. airports have record revenues and millions of dollars in federal grants – plus, there’s $7B in the federal aviation trust fund. New taxes on air travel just won’t fly. #StopAirTaxNow

.@SecElaineChao announced $520.5M in AIP grants to 287 airports across the country. Since 2017, the DOT has invested $11.4 BILLION in more than 2,000 airports across the U.S. for improvements. #StopAirTaxNow

Check out all these improvements on deck for #JFK’s Terminal 4!
✔️ $3.8 billion project
✔️ 500,000 square feet to be added
✔️ 16 new gates
… and all under current funding levels! #StopAirTaxNow

I joined @RepGregMurphy to announce a $750,000 @USDOT grant for the Pitt-Greenville Airport Authority, a major win and significant investment for Greenville and surrounding communities.

💰$520.5 MILLION💰: That’s how much 287 airports across the country will receive in Airport Improvement Grants announced today. Airport infrastructure projects are thriving across the country, WITHOUT a PFC increase. #StopAirTaxNow

@SecElaineChao @MitchellAirport .@SecElaineChao, “The U.S. Department of Transportation is pleased today to announce $520.5 million in Airport Improvement grants to 287 airports in 40 states across the country.”

.@USDOT Secretary Elaine L. Chao announced $520.5 million in #AirportGrants to improve #safety and #infrastructure at 287 airports in 41 states. Funding will help both large and small #airports across the country make much-needed changes.

Included in this is not only a $600,000 grant to @MitchellAirport, but also a $15.5 Million in State Block Grant to fund and support several small and rural airports across the state. Here with Col. Shawn Gaffney, of the Wisconsin Air National Guard. Thank you for your service!

I'm pleased to announce $520.5 million in Airport Improvement Grants to 287 airports in 40 states across the country. With that, this Administration has invested a historic $11.4 billion to more than 2000 airports in all 50 states and 9 territories

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