There’s a hidden tax on your airline tickets, and airports want to raise it even higher.

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Airports are flush with cash and are recording sky-high revenues. See where this money is being used to improve the passenger experience without increasing the PFC.

New Taxes On Air Travel Just Won't Fly

Since 2008, there have been
invested in airport improvement projects across the country.

Source: A4A analysis of FAA Form 127 airport database.

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Airline Investment in Airport Improvement Projects

U.S. airlines invested

$20 billion

in 2017 to enhance the travel experience, that’s more than $24 per passenger.

Over $200 billion

has been invest in infrastructure projects at airports across the country since 2008, all without a tax increase. Airlines are strong partners in airport finance, and the long-standing collaboration with airports is helping make air travel more efficient and more convenient for all customers.

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Montana’s Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport received $4.1 million from the FAA to build a new apron. Another example of federal grants funding airport projects WITHOUT a tax hike. #StopAirTaxNow

FIVE Georgia airports have received $12.6 MILLION in federal grants for safety and infrastructure upgrades. Existing funds support airport modernization projects across the U.S. #StopAirTaxNow

The FAA recently granted Dayton International Airport $4.3 MILLION for safety and infrastructure improvements. Airport improvement projects are booming and there is NO need to raise the PFC. #StopAirTaxNow

$4.6 MILLION in AIP grants have been awarded to West Virginia’s Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport and Greenbrier Valley Airport. Airports have more than enough cash 💵. #StopAirTaxNow

Some in Congress want to tax passengers more for every airport they visit on their journeys. What’s next – taxing Santa for every house he visits?! 🎅 🙅‍♂‍ Tell Washington tax increases won’t fly: #StopAirTaxNow

#ICYMI: Last week, a $2.5M federal grant was awarded to Plymouth Municipal Airport to relocate its taxiway. Airport infrastructure projects don’t require a tax hike on passengers. #StopAirTaxNow

#ICYMI – the FAA recently announced an additional $485 MILLION in airport infrastructure grants for 108 airports across the country. With so much money flowing into airport coffers, there’s no reason to tax passengers even more. #StopAirTaxNow

Raising taxes on air travelers? That’s one way to get on the “naughty list.” 🎅 Tell Congress that passengers like you are taxed enough already:

The FAA recently gave Greater Binghamton Airport #BGM $6.5 MILLION for taxiway improvement. It’s clear: airports have enough cash. #StopAirTaxNow

You already pay a hidden airport tax, which raises more than $3B annually for airports. That’s one of the reasons why they have enough money for upkeep and development. Tell Congress there’s no reason to raise the PFC. #StopAirTaxNow

The FAA awarded Kirksville Regional Airport $3.3 MILLION to rebuild its runway and taxiway. Airport construction projects are happening without an increased PFC. #StopAirTaxNow

💲6.5 MILLION💲: That’s how much Nebraska’s Ainsworth Regional Airport was awarded from the FAA for runway and taxiway rehabilitation. And airports still want passengers to pay MORE in taxes? #StopAirTaxNow

Ohio’s John Glenn Columbus International Airport was awarded more than $4 MILLION to improve its taxiway. Another day, another taxiway construction project – all funded without an increased PFC! #StopAirTaxNow

DOT recently awarded Minnesota’s Morrison County Airport-Lindbergh Field a $2.1M grant to construct a runway. Yet another airport construction project funded WITHOUT a tax hike on passengers. #StopAirTaxNow

Stevensville Municipal Airport in Montana just received a $650,000 grant for an apron replacement project – after being awarded $910,000 in September. Passengers shouldn’t have to pay more in travel taxes. #StopAirTaxNow

Bradford Regional Airport in Pennsylvania recently announced its moving ahead with a $1.2M improvement project. Airports have plenty of cash for redevelopment projects. #StopAirTaxNow

Spending time in an airport today on your way home for #Thanksgiving? 🦃 Before Turkey Day, tell Congress not to raise taxes on air travel:

ICYMI- @USDOT awarded grants to Pine Bluff Regional Airport & Drake Field in Fayetteville. The investments will improve safety and efficiency by allowing the two airports to implement upgrades important to long-term growth and development in Arkansas.

“Stephanie Murphy Announces More than $10 Million for Sanford International Airport” #FL07 #FlaPol

Runway construction at Colorado’s Grand Junction Regional Airport is underway, a $150 MILLION improvement project with 90% of funding coming from federal grants. So why do airports want travelers to pay more taxes? #StopAirTaxNow